Sunday, August 17, 2008

CNN vs. NBC: The Battle for My Life

Michael Phelps: 8

Anderson Cooper: 0

So, I have no shame in admitting that my usual TV-watching involves one of two channels: CNN and Cartoon Network. CNN tends to take up more of my time than Cartoon Network, mostly because I’m a news junky. I love browsing the net, reading blogs, checking, keeping up with what’s going on in the world. I get small pleasures out of Cartoon Network because some of the shows are ridiculous (and, therefore, funny). For as much time as I waste--because, really, CNN is a waste--watching the news for the latest foible from Obama or McCain, I could probably do something useful with me life. Like study for my classes. And pass them.

Recently, a new television station has greedily stolen the limelight from the “Best Political Team” on TV. The Beijing Olympic Games. Not a moment has gone by in the last week and a few days without the TV on while we’re at home. This is unusual, for a few reasons. 1st, for as much as I say that CNN ruled my life up to this point, what I really mean is I’d watch it for about an average 2 hours a day. The Olympics have destroyed that average. I wake up; I turn on the TV to watch Beach Volleyball during breakfast. I go to class/work; I browse the website for little updates here and there. I come home; I watch my new friends Michael and Nastia get Gold. I shake my head as Dara Torres misses the Gold by .01 seconds. I pick my jaw up off the floor as I watch Usain Bolt of Jamaica brag his way across the finish line doing 9.69 in the 100M Dash. I’m watching the Olympics right now as I write this. I love this!

Funnier than all of this is that Lovetta is right there along with me. She didn’t have a TV growing up, so usually when I watch TV her interest is only a passing one. Not so with these games. She constantly is commenting on the muscularity of the Olympians. We love comparing each body type to each sport, how the swimmers have differently-developed muscle groups than the bikers. Or the volleyball players from the sprinters. Weird, huh? I love it. We’ve been getting psyched about all the final races, constantly cheering the Americans on to victory. We’ve been planning our lives around when Michael Phelps’ next Gold Medal final is (we only missed one of them). Lovetta’s always right there along with me when we watch. I love that!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Up Come the Galleries

We went through some of our pictures and made cute little albums, or galleries, or whatever you want to call them-- it’s a place where you can look at pictures of us. I know that’s my favorite thing to do on other people’s blogs, so after much deliberation of how we want the world to see us, there it is. I think the image conclusion we came to (thanks to Tom) is that we have no shame and pictures of teeth blacked out with chocolate are not only appropriate, they’re hilarious.

EDIT: With the move to Blogger from MobileMe, the galleries are down for now. Sorry!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Getting Started

Trying to figure out a program that you’re unfamiliar with can make starting a new blog a touch difficult.

So. We got a MobileMe account for free because Apple loves me. Lovetta and I have taken to figuring what the heck we’re doing. It’s harder than it looks. Buttons are in weird places, we can’t change font sizes, we kind of have the whole image thing down. That picture above pretty much sums up our feelings at this point. But (says Lovetta) we’re excited about starting the new blog. It’s an “us” blog. Expect a lot of things about us here. When babies come, pictures will be here. This is the place to be for news about a married couple named Thomas and Lovetta.