Monday, April 25, 2011

Movin' Along

You can always tell when it's my week to write in the blog.  "How is that?" you ask?  Well, my week usually turns into 3-4 weeks.  We've got some pretty stalwart rules for writing in our blog.  When it's one person's turn to write, the other person is not to write a blog post instead should they miss a week.  What this does is create a hanging sense of guilt for not having written for weeks that eventually turns into the blog post you're reading now.  Lovetta's not nearly as wracked with guilt as I am.  She's usually much quicker about taking her turn to write.  Regardless, it is my turn, and my turn I shall take.

About two weeks ago, we had a wonderfully stressful time moving our whole department for the second time in a semester.  The first time, we were moved out on to the textbook floor while they were remodeling our area.  The second time, obviously, was the move back after all was said and done.  I have to say that it looks great!  I have a whole series of transition shots from start to finish, but I'll just try to show you a good before-and-after idea.

So, while this is what it looks like after we stripped everything out, you can still get an idea of what it used to be.

Here is roughly the same view (from a little farther back) once everything got put back in.

After (again, from a little farther back)

Before.  See the slightly curved, white wall with windows?
After.  It becomes this cabinet and the wall was straightened out.

There are a lot of other things I'm leaving out, but this gives you the gist of what's been going on at work.  We've pretty much been planning this moment since before I got hired back and we're now starting to enjoy its completion.  It looks great and is pulling a lot more customers in.  We're happy with all of the changes.

On Lovetta's side of things, she's started her own blog without me.  It's probably cause she's tired of waiting for me to post. OR, it's based on her artwork.  One of those two things... Anyway, you can click this link to get there.  It has most of her pieces of art on it (including her new Altered Book), and gets more regularly updated than this blog does.  You should check it out! :)