Monday, December 19, 2011

Holy Christmas Time!

Here is a video to add to your Christmas cheer.

Speaking of Christmas cheer, Tom and I have been having a lot of it.  I went with my family to pick out their Christmas tree after Thanksgiving, and fell in love with some tiny trees.  My dad and I share a great love for tiny things, so he bought me my own little Christmas tree.  It is so cute!  This is the first time in our married life that Tom and I have had a tree of our own.

My tiny tree even has some gifts under it.  Some from my wonderful, generous 1st grade students and their families, and one mysterious one from Tom.  He says he has two more ideas on top of that one that he wants to get me for my birthday and Christmas.  He says he was shopping for his other ideas, when he saw this one and knew I'd love it.  He tells me things like that all the time, things about the gifts, but not really giving any clues as to what they could be.  Sneaky Tom!  Tom are at a point in our lives where if we really want something, we try to save for it, and then go get it.  Tom has never said to me, "I really want a new mouse for my computer for Christmas."  He says, "I really want a new mouse, so I've done my research, and found which one I want, I'll save money and get it soon."  Therefore, coming up with gifts has been tricky.  I have a good one for him, though.  I am super excited.  I am going shopping for it this week.

We added to our Christmas cheer with the Festival of Trees.  I was a little disappointed that I missed the deadline to donate.  Next year I'll be ready for sure.  Here are pictures of some of my favorite displays.
Gingerbread White House



Jackson Pollock Tree.  My dad recreated this in gingerbread.  It was awesome.

Turned wood ornamen

Telisa by the tree made out of the Eiffel Tower
Have a very Merry Christmas!