Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sum-er Sum-up

Summer is zooming by.  I can tell school is just around the corner, and I am anxious and excited and apprehensive.  I also feel like the weather here has been disrupting my ideas of a calm summer lately.  It seems like our whole country is experiencing strange weather.  Maybe it seems eerie to me because I've been watching all the Harry Potter movies in preparation to see the last two.  I also reread the last book.  Hopefully our strange weather is not really a cloud of dementors.  I had forgotten so much of what happens in that book.  It was a fun reread, but it made me realize why I don't read as much during the school year.  I get sucked into books and abandon all other activities and responsibilities.  Today I finished the book, but didn't brush my hair, shower, put on makeup, or wear real clothes.

Tom and I went to Bridal Vail Falls with my family.  It was warm most of the day, but right when we got to the falls, it started to rain.  It stopped within a few minutes, so we were able to take some pictures.
I like the way the falls looks in the rain.  The colors seem so vibrant.

Here is Tom looking dashing.
I wasn't quite as good at looking dashing as he is.  The wind didn't cooperate.
I like the way Telisa's hair matches the rocks in the river.

We are in the process of having tile put into our kitchen/entryway.  I am excited.  Tom and I have been trying to put our home in order.  I bought some baskets to help organize the top of our closet, and it looks very nice if I do say so myself.  I also got a new art desk at a yard sale.  The room with the computer and art desk is still a bit of a mess, but it's much better than it used to be.

Hooray for organized closet space!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

In Memory of Max

So, it's been exactly one year since the birth and death of our son, Max.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that it has been an emotional roller coaster the whole time.  Father's Day was a nightmare, let's be honest.  I spent most of church balling due to a baby blessing and primary children singing.  Then, I had to teach a lesson in Elder's Quorum. >.<  Ooof.

Anyway, today was actually much more enjoyable than we thought it would be.  We did fairly well at church and Lovetta survived Girl's Camp this last week even though we thought it might be especially tough being so close to Max's birthday.

After church, we decided to take a trip down to his grave and we realized that some of you may not have seen the headstone yet!  For shame on us!  Here are some pics.

We miss him a lot.  I think that's an understatement, but it should make sense to you.  We always speculate on what our life would be like if he was still with us, but it's inadequate to try.  All we have is our life without him and we're trying to find some happiness in this world despite missing him.

Thanks to all who have expressed their love and support for us during this period of our lives.  You have no idea what you really mean to us.  We know that not everyone understands (or even wants to), so those of you that try are a great support to us.  You're all wonderful!