Monday, March 22, 2010


So this week was a pretty good camera week. We took a lot of pictures for a lot of different ocassions, but these were some of the better ones.

Above, you'll see our good friend Julie got herself a pretty fine man of a husband this weekend. We were able to attend her sealing, which was wonderful. The man who performed their sealing gave a few simple words of advice. Return to the temple often. Follow the brethren. Pretty sound advice in my book. We wish them the best in their new marriage!

Our indoor seeds have started sprouting! As of this writing, we have five cucumbers and five cherry tomatoes coming out of their little dirt homes. In addition, a few of our onions have broken dirt outside in our boxes. We're so excited to have a garden. We feel that, in conjunction with our baby, everything seems to be growing around us! We're still waiting on our various peppers to pop up. You'll probably get more pictures as we get more and more excited about our growing vegetables.

Lovetta's dad had his birthday this last Sunday. Her mom is a pro when it comes to cake decorating and this shot was probably the cutest we had of the birthday cake. They're doing a lot of gardening as well, so the cake had a fun garden theme to it. Above you'll see a closeup of a little rabbit nibbling on something sweet.

And this is the obligatory belly shot for this week. These are my babies. I love them both! :D

Monday, March 15, 2010


Tom and I have one more reason to be excited for warm weather: gardens. I've been sick of the cold since just after Christmas, but now that we've started our own garden I'm more anxious than ever for the danger of frost to pass. This is our first time gardening on our own. Tom built two 4 ft by 4ft boxes that we're planning to fill with dirt and start planting in tomorrow. We want to grow salsa, so we want tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, and basil. And we're also growing sugar snap peas, green beans, cucumbers and carrots. That's the plan anyway. Like I said, it's our first time, so if anything grows we'll be ecstatic, and if something doesn't grow we'll learn from our mistakes.

In other news, I totally have a baby belly. Some days I like it, and other days I have to remind myself over and over that I'm supposed to be gaining weight. I knew that would be a little hard, and it is; especially when people around me are trying to loose weight. The doctor told me that my growth is normal. That makes me feel good. Other people keep telling me that my body will never be the same again. It's for a good cause. Tom is sweet and likes my baby belly all the time. That makes it all a lot easier.
Now that you've seen a picture, what do you think "it" is? Boy or girl?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So this post has been a long time coming. We kind of hinted at it way back when we weren't 100% sure that we were pregnant. But now we've been to doctors and heard a heartbeat and whatnot so we figured it was time to let the cat out of the bag (if you didn't already know anyway). So, yeah. BABIES! YAY! Well, baby, as far as we know. Just one. Don't know the gender yet; that will be a post for another day.

As far as life for us in the last month that I've been slacking? (Yes, the delay is my fault.) Not too shabby. Still looking for a more permanent work solution. The BYU Teacher Fair is coming up in less than 2 weeks, so I've started to do some research of the schools that will be participating so I can figure out who I want to go talk to. As far as Lovetta's concerned that means anyone that will hire me. I'm quite hopeful I'll be able to find something this year. Things are looking up much more than they were last year, so keep your fingers crossed with me.

Lovetta survived Parent-Teacher Conferences not too long ago. Everything seemed to go quite well as far as she was able to tell. That's always a plus. No one likes to be confronted with an angry parent :( Especially if you thought everything was going well with the student! No drama there, though.

Not much else from the last month that I can remember as being too terribly important. You can expect lots more updates here in the near future as Baby takes over our blog (and, subsequently, our lives). Stay tuned, and I promise I'll be better about posting more frequently. Lovetta's already got me pinned into the commitment pattern.