Monday, November 7, 2011

Because two pumpkins isn't enough.

So, we love holidays in my family.  More specifically, we love holidays in my family because Lovetta LOVES holidays.  Halloween is one of her favorites.  If you couldn't tell from previous posts, let me just settle this one in your mind right now by posting pictures of our third pumpkin of the Halloween season.

This one was especially fun for us, because we got to carve it with Rob and Lisa over Skype!  It was Rob's birthday and we always used to do something for the occasion with them.  We love those guys!

Oh what?  Three pumpkins isn't enough evidence that we love Halloween, huh?  Well, what about this!

And this!

These came from the Halloween party that Lovetta's parents threw for her little sister.  Cute shadow puppets, huh?!

There, that should have you convinced.

We're excited about the upcoming holidays.  We'll be spending Thanksgiving with my sister up in Idaho and Christmas back here in Utah with Lovetta's family.  There will be much nog-o-clocking goin' on.  Rest assured.

What time is it? Nog-o-clock!  Cheers!
Also, Lovetta's brother, Trezor, comes back from his mission this week!  How exciting!  We've enjoyed reading his letters and hearing about all of the awesome work he's been doing spreading the gospel in New York.  We're excited to have him back and Christmas is going to be a big hullabaloo with all of Lovetta's siblings in town.  Should be good times ahead!