Friday, August 12, 2011

Video Renaissance

So, Lovetta and I decided we wanted to dig through some old High School videos of hers for a friend.  Upon doing this, we came across some raw footage from the move "Channel Surfing" that I filmed while we were dating.  I posted this thing up on Facebook and YouTube quite a while ago, but thought I'd share it here for those of you who have never seen this side of my wild, creative mind.  It's basically satire centered around my college experience mixed with the silliness of television and advertising.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Good Things in Life

So, we went to Pirate Island the other day.  It's one of those Chucky Cheese-style restaurants, but is automatically cooler because it's centered around pirates instead of a purple rat.  Yarr!  What made this particular trip exciting, though, was one little video game they had sitting just outside their arcade.  Why outside of the arcade?  Well, because it's obviously too cool to be around the other arcade games.  Well, that and it doesn't give any tickets or prizes.  But it does give a supreme sense of joy and happiness with a heaping helping of motion sickness!  What is this video game you ask?  Well, play the video here and find out!

I wish I had more of the video, but my iPod didn't have enough space.  Anyway, it's always comforting to get a little bit of Ohio all the way out here in Utah.

Speaking of a little bit of Ohio in Utah, we went on another hike this last week.  Lovetta and I decided that since we don't get out enough, we should go to see Stewart Falls up by Sundance.  This hike was a little different than other hikes I've done in Utah because there was a lot of beautiful greenery.  Unfortunately, we spent about an hour trying to find the trailhead.  There's two, you know.  What's worse, we found out after we got to the falls that we were right by the first trailhead we were trying to find, but it just wasn't signed very well.  Regardless of the fact that we walked at quite a brisk pace, the hike itself was very pretty.  Since you're up in the middle of the mountains you have an eye-catching view almost the entire hike (when you're not tripping on roots and rocks, anyway).  Here's some pictures and a little video from Lovetta to all of you!

Can you spot Telisa?

We did it!

Sorry for double waterfall blog posts, but who could pass up something like this?!  We've resolved to take better advantage of the Utah landscape and do more hiking.  I love it out here!