Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's A BOY!

I didn't realize how much I really thought it was a girl until I found out that it was a boy. I'm liking the idea more and more as I get used to it, though. He was moving around all over the place when we were having the ultrasound.

Here he is waving to us.

And here is his cute little foot.

There is a problem with him retaining fluid on the back of his neck. This could be a lot of things. It might not be a big deal and go away on it's own, it might require some surgery when he's born, or it might be an indicator that he has a chromosomal disorder like Down Syndrome. We're going to the paranatologist (doctor with more specialized training and equipment) at the hospital on Wednesday. We pray that everything will be well. I hope for a healthy baby, and I'm scared, but at the same time I know that whatever happens will be the will of God.

In the mean time, I have Spring Break so we're going to do some nesting.